Careers At Sea

Careers at Sea Engineering Webinar

13 July 2021 15:00-16:00

Careers at Sea is here to promote the many career opportunities in the Merchant Navy, from cadet to captain, apprentice to Chief Engineer and so many more. In this session, we speak to officer cadets from engineering officer training routes and one of our Careers at Sea Ambassadors. You will hear about their experiences both in nautical college and onboard ship, as well as why they chose the Merchant Navy and their engineering route. This webinar is aimed at Careers Advisors and Parents seeking more information about these opportunities. We are unable to accommodate under 18’s in this webinar:

Suggested attendees:

– School/College careers adviser/leads

– Independent careers advisers

– Careers advice companies

– Parents

Recordings will be provided, which you are free to play for your students after the event itself.